Gamified Reputation BUILDING


Achieving goals and building reputation in a fun and engaging way


What is Realms?

Give your Discord community a fun and easy way for members to build their reputation through their contributions. Realms makes it simple to track and reward contributions towards community goals.


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Why Use Realms?

Make your community fun and productive with less work!

The Problem

Community members lack clarity on how to contribute to communities as there is no easy way to track contributions.

Reputation Building

Realms offers an easy and scalable way to engage your community, helping you achieve your goals while building members’ reputations in a fun, engaging, and competitive manner.


Simplify the process for your community to understand how they can contribute. Create your own currency for your community to compete over, fostering active participation.


Let your community help recognize each other's contributions using emojis, while distributing your community's currency.


Use the amount of currency each member has accumulated to easily reward them with an ERC-20 token or any other reward you choose to distribute.


Configure your Realm to facilitate voting, allowing members to use your community's currency for weighed voting. This helps govern, make decisions, and signal sentiment from within the community.


Unify your community by onboarding members and enabling them to start contributing. Identify valuable contributions, work towards goals, and empower members to make decisions.

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Affordable pricing plans

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Basic plan

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What's included:
All analytics features
Up to 250,000 tracked visits
Normal support
Mobile app
Up to 3 team members
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Growth plan

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What's included:
Everything on Basic plan
Up to 1,000,000 tracked visits
Premium support
Mobile app
Up to 10 team members
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Enterprise plan

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What's included:
Everything on Growth plan
Up to 5,000,000 tracked visits
Dedicated support
Mobile app
Up to 50 team members
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Frequently Asked questions

Find answers to your questions!

What is a realm?

A Realm is an environment set up within a Discord channel, created through the use of the Realm bot. By transforming any Discord channel into a Realm, you can organize, engage, and motivate your community. A Realm onboards and encourages community members to contribute and work together to achieve common goals.

Is Realms configurable to my specific use case?

Realms is designed to be highly configurable to accommodate a wide range of use cases. It empowers administrators to tailor the platform, granting as much or as little control to the community as desired.

If you have a unique use case in mind, you can discuss it with our team. We typically have a quick turnaround time to implement any configuration adjustments needed to bring your idea to life.

Can I choose any name for my currency?

Yes, you have complete freedom in naming your currency. It can be branded as points, items, or any other term that fits your vision and goals. For more information visit our docs.

Is a realm’s currency onchain?

No, Realms operates as offchain infrastructure. However, administrators have the capability to reward their community by allowing them to pay coin holders in any onchain currency of their choice. For more information visit our docs.

What can the community do with the currency they earn?

The currency earned within a Realm can be utilized in various ways, depending on how admins configure the system. Common uses include:
1. Reward and Recognition: Community members can be rewarded for their contributions, enhancing motivation and engagement as well as signaling who is contributing more than others in a community
2. Voting and Governance: Currency can be used as a form of voting power, allowing members to participate in decision-making processes and governance within the community. Voting is optional for admins to offer to members.
3.On-Chain Rewards: Through the /withdraw command, administrators can convert the earned currency into on-chain rewards, enabling members to receive payments in any on-chain currency they desire.
4. Role Evolution: Currency can be tied to the dynamic role evolution feature, where members can unlock new roles and responsibilities as they accumulate more currency.
5. Gamified Interactions: Integrate gamified elements where members can earn and spend currency in various community-driven activities and events.